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Obituary for Adriano Capaz Lopes

Adriano Capaz Lopes, dearly beloved to family and friends in his hometown of Mira da Aire, Portugal and his second home of Hartford/Newington, CT USA, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, January 19, 2021. Adriano was a generous, giant-hearted man who wished for and offered the best of life to everyone he knew. Born on June 24, 1936 to Delfina dos Santos Capaz and José Lopes, Adriano came to Hartford in 1969 with his wife Maria Leonor (Ferreira Duarte) and son Paulo Jorge. Through hard work and kindness to others, Adriano, whose middle name means Capable, achieved success. Working at Arrow-Hart on weekdays and for the first Portuguese catering business in Greater Hartford on weekends, Adriano moved his family to a new home near Cedar Mountain in Newington, reminding him of the high vistas and river valley of his hometown. With a primary school education, talent for mechanics, and innate understanding of chemistry, Adriano worked until his retirement at the Har-Conn Chrome Company. He rose to become a Supervisor, respected and remembered for his fairness and ability to teach his crew, stand for them, and work alongside each person at any time as mentor, brother and friend. Throughout his life Adriano and his wife Leonor worked hard to support family, friends and businesses in two countries and to send their son through college. Adriano was a wise man who knew the importance of playing as hard as he worked, having fun, and hobbies. He grew vegetables and baked scones as expertly as he replaced floors and built sheds. Adriano is remembered fondly for his sense of humor, deep laugh, bawdy jokes, and ability to lift our spirits high. Adriano was predeceased by five siblings and four of their spouses: Estela and Dr. Inolfo Rosario, Manuel and Odete (Caetano) Lopes, of Mira da Aire; José Capaz and Zulmira (Caetano), Elvira (dos Santos) and José Laureano, Inolfo Lopes, and his living wife Armenia (Ferreira) of West Hartford. He is survived by his cherished wife of 56 years Maria Leonor, their son Paulo Jorge Duarte Capaz Lopes, his wife MiChelle (Pereira) and their daughter Grace Victoria, the garden of her grandfather’s heart, and generations of nieces and nephews on three continents. There will be a private graveside service. Our Lady of Fatima Church in Hartford CT will conduct a 7th Day Mass in Adriano’s honor on Tuesday January 26 at 6:00 PM, streamed from the church’s Facebook site.
God Bless you Pai. We thank you, we love you, we hold you close in our memories and hearts forever. Online condolences may be made at